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Plastic Bag Machinery

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10 South Korean Suppliers of PP (Polypropylene) Plastic Bags
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IDO International 

Exporter / Supplier of: PVC, PP, PE, PA and recycled plastic items


Newprime Co., Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Polypropylene, polyethylene, PP fabric, PE fabric, PP bag, PE bag, PP tarpaulin, PE tarpaulin, PP insulation, PE insulation, laminated PP fabric, laminated PE fabric, laminated PP bag, laminated PE bag


Unison Corp. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Plastic moulds & molding parts, electronic parts, mechanical parts, electrical parts, telecommunication parts, color contact lens & multi-purpose solutions, aluminum foil, mushroom in can, plastic bags

Seocho - Dong

National Plastic Co., Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Plastic boxes, plastic pallet, garden chair, garden table, sun-bed, clean system, win-board


Taebang Patec Co., Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Plastic bag, plastic tray


Shinill Pns Corporation 

Exporter / Supplier of: Paper bags, PP woven bags, polypropylene woven bags with kraft paper, PE film bag


Jungshin Co. Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Colouring masterbatch, caplet, tarpaulin, PP bags, nets, canopies



Exporter / Supplier of: Paper shopping bag, PP shopping bag, PE shopping bag


Korea Chemical Co., Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: PP bag, PP kraft bag, PP laminated bag, PP paper bag


Sam Hwa International 

Exporter / Supplier of: Machinery (new & used one), plastic bags (manufaturing), steel, panel, shoes, clothing


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Currently Online in Category: PP (Polypropylene) Plastic Bags

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