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Buy Leads Posted by Canadian Importers

KoreaTradeWorld.Com is a B2B platform where Importers post buy offers, buy leads and buy requirements across thousands of products categories. It provides excellent export opportunities for international suppliers and manufacturers.

Buying leads posted by Importers from Canada are compiled below. International Exporters, suppliers and manufacturers can take the benefits of these buying leads to expand their export-import trade.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Could suppliers can quote us the best CIF Toronto, Canada offers for used scrap batteries. We will make the payment by non transferable L/C.

The quantity required is about one full container of 25tons.

Specifications are as follows:

1- Scrap : Used batteries (lead-acid batteries) from cars, trucks, boats, golf carts etc.
2- Scrap : Used batteries (steel case forklift batteries) from cars forklift, machineries etc.


Contact : M******   (Importer from Canada)

Buy offer Posted on: 22 Jan 2013


I am looking for a real and genuine collector and supplier who can supply us aluminum can scrap (like Coca Cola, Pepsi, 7Up, drink pops) and ship on regular basis. The payment mode is mainly letter of credit non transferable.

First shipment:
Quantity one full container of 25 tons.

Second shipment:
Quantity three containers (of 25 tons each, Total 75 tons)

From the third shipment and up:
Every 3 weeks: Quantity five (5) full containers (of 25 tons each, Total 125 tons).

Interested suppliers please reply with:
1- The type of scrap that you collect?
2- Quantity you can ship every 3 weeks?
3- Your prices per Ton CIF Toronto, Canada.


Contact : M******   (Importer from Canada)

Buy offer Posted on: 22 Jan 2013

Dear Sir,

We are looking for a supplier of zinc ore .

The buyer wants a contract of 1 year, where the Quantities are 10,000 tons per year.

We would like to have CIF prices for Donghae Port, South Korean.

Specifications required for zinc ore is as follows :
Zn: 52%
Fe: 11.5%
Pb: 3.5%
Sb: 0.01%
Cu: 0.01%
Cd: 0.1%
Mn: 0.02%
S: 21.43%
As: 0.05%
P: 0.01%
SiO2: 2.81%
Cao: 3%
MgO: 1.5%
Al2O3: 0.72%
Na2O: 0.02%
K2O: 0.1%
Ag: 71g/MT

Sample test is required to be done before placing the order.


Contact : Lahi**********   (Importer from Canada)

Buy offer Posted on: 19 Jan 2013

Dear Suppliers,

Kindly send us the best CIF and CFR quotations for wire nails and we want to purchase from any country.

Our destination port will be Quebec, Canada.

We would like to pay via bank transfer or L/C.


Contact : Micha******   (Importer from Canada)

Buy offer Posted on: 15 Jan 2013


We need current suppliers for natural coconut water preferably Indian manufacturers who can supply us around 20FCL for three times a month.

It will be packed in bottled in glass or PP bottles.

We will make the payment against L/C at sight.

We need to create our own labels and our own designs in the bottle.

Suppliers who are comfortable with the above details can quote us the best CIF Vancouver offers.


Contact : Jewe******   (Importer from Canada)

Buy offer Posted on: 31 Dec 2012

Dear Sir,

We would like to purchase wheat bran with quantity required as 3200 metric tons per month.

The specifications are as:

Dry Matter % : 89.1% min
Moisture % : 11% max
Crude Protein % : 14% min
Crude Fiber % : 15% max
Ash % : 6.0% max
Aflatoxin % : Less than or upto 10 PPB.

If you are suppliers or exporter and have the above item can contact us for more details.


Contact : C****   (Importer from Canada)

Buy offer Posted on: 31 Dec 2012

Dear Exporters,

We are interested in importing graphite (C,98%), calcium-fluoride (CaF2 97.5%), barium ferrite powder, barium carbonate (BaCO3 99%), zirconium dioxide (ZrO2 98%) and quartz (SiO2 90%).

The delivery is to be made at Toronto, Canada.

Exporters who have all the above items can send us the best CIF offers, full specifications, MOQ.

Delivery is to be made at Toronto.

Best regards

Contact : Z*********   (Importer from Canada)

Buy offer Posted on: 28 Dec 2012

Dear Sir,

We have buyers inquiring for Fe-Si (Si 43-45%), ferro molybdenum (Mo 60-70%), ferro-chrome (low carbon, high carbon), ferro-Mn carbide (Mn 77-79%), ferro-Mn affine (Mn 78-83%), chrome powder (Cr, 99%), ferro powder (Fe 98%).

If suppliers can supply, please quote us the specifications, MOQ, your best prices CIF Toronto and other transaction terms.

Best regards

Contact : Z********   (Importer from Canada)

Buy offer Posted on: 28 Dec 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are regular importer for liquid mercury 99%, 99.99% and 99.999%. The shipping will be based on CIF Toronto.

Serious suppliers with certificate of export, please contact us and quote their best prices.

Best regards

Contact : Zho*******   (Importer from Canada)

Buy offer Posted on: 24 Dec 2012

Dear Sir,

I am interesting in buying liquid silver mercury in 34.5 kg flasks. We need this in bulk quantity.

The payment will be made by cash or T/T.

Suppliers from Canada and also from worldwide can let us know that how much it for one flasks.


Contact : Dines*******   (Importer from Canada)

Buy offer Posted on: 15 Dec 2012

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