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Buy Leads Posted by Brazilian Importers

KoreaTradeWorld.Com is a B2B platform where Importers post buy offers, buy leads and buy requirements across thousands of products categories. It provides excellent export opportunities for international suppliers and manufacturers.

Buying leads posted by Importers from Brazil are compiled below. International Exporters, suppliers and manufacturers can take the benefits of these buying leads to expand their export-import trade.

Dear Sirs

We're a company from Brazil, and we're interesting in buy PP granule recycle resin, for injection appliance. Our consume is around 50ton/month. We use different colors.

Contact :
Aline   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 03 Dec 2010

We are looking for

Dark grey glass
Thickness 4mm - size 2134 x 3300mm
Thickness 5mm - size 2134 x 3300mm
Thickness 6mm - size 2134 x 3300mm
Thickness 8mm - size 2134 x 3300mm

Clear float glass
Thickness 10mm - size 2134 x 3300mm
Thickness 3mm - size 2134 x 3300mm
Thickness 4mm - size 2134 x 3300mm
Thickness 5mm - size 2134 x 3300mm
Thickness 6mm - size 2134 x 3300mm
Thickness 8mm - size 2134 x 3300mm

Mirror glass
Thickness 2mm - size 1650 x 2200mm
Thickness 3mm - size 1830 x 2440mm

Julia Shen   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 20 Nov 2010

I need titles of games for PS3. You have table with price. You have the game "Call of Duty - Black Ops" shipping to Brazil (DHL or EMS).


Jonatha Massei   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 09 Nov 2010

I am Director of purchasing is a company located in Brazil. The company imports and distributes products to Brazil for sport fishing and camping and diving. We have distributors in China that provide us with some materials, but we still have a deficit in some products, we are looking for partners that meet our needs. Products we buy: casting reels, reels spinning, solid rods, hollow, pole rods, hooks, lures, monofilament lines, braided lines, light chemical, buoys, fishing clothing, accessories, combos, plastic boxes, LED flashlight, diving kit. Electric motors and many others. Our market-based products and low to medium cost. Reels with 1 to 3 bearings without extra spool, main spool in graphite, front drag, sizes ranging from 500,1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000. Solid and hollow rods of 2 parts in fiberglass and carbon, sizes, 1.50 meters, 1.65 meters, 1.80 meters, 1.98 meters, action and resistance varied according to the type of fishery (from 06 up to 50 lbs). Pole rods of fiberglass and sizes carbano 1.80 meters, 2.10 meters, 2.40 meters, 3.00 meters, 3.60 meters, 4.50 meters, 5.40 meters, 6.30 meters. Long hollow sticks to pitching in 3 parts (casting 150grs until 350grs), sizes 3.00 meters, 3.60 meters, 3.90 meters, 4.50 meters.

Contact :
Roberto Carvallo   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 04 Nov 2010

Iron ore 65% and coal 6300 kcal/kg required in big volume
Payment: Top Prime world bank.

William Cheung   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 28 Oct 2010

We are looking for general electronic goods.

Contact :
Elson   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 01 Oct 2010

We're from Brazil and represent a Trade of the USA, your company is interested to buy or sell any type of product such as iron ore, manganese ore, sugar, or others? If you are interested, contacts us, for send us a sanitized LOI or, soft offer. We have the the greatest satisfaction in serving them.

Thank you for your attention

Contact Person : Wilson   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 25 Sep 2010

We are importing water treatment chemicals.

Contact Person : Reginaldo Gallo   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 23 Sep 2010

Dear Sir or Madam:

We are a consultancy and advisory company from Brazil that acts in the foreign trade since 1994. We offer our services for Brazilian companies that wish to do businesses in the international market. Actually we are working with a company that produces rugs and they would like to import:
cotton shoddy
cotton waste yarn
cotton waste
garment waste clips
But we need to choose the colors cannot be a mix colors and the products need to be atleast 80% cotton, however the ideally would be 100% cotton.

Contact :
Luiz Carlos Da Silva   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 23 Sep 2010

We are looking for :

Blackberry 9700 Bold II GSM Smartphone
Blackberry 9800 Torch GSM Smartphone

Sami Soliman   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 22 Sep 2010

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