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Buy Leads Posted by Brazilian Importers

KoreaTradeWorld.Com is a B2B platform where Importers post buy offers, buy leads and buy requirements across thousands of products categories. It provides excellent export opportunities for international suppliers and manufacturers.

Buying leads posted by Importers from Brazil are compiled below. International Exporters, suppliers and manufacturers can take the benefits of these buying leads to expand their export-import trade.

Dear Sir,

We need 2 models of screens:

LP145WH1-TLA1 or compatible = 200 pieces
LTN156AT01 or compatible = 400 pieces

Need best price in my warehouse in HK.

Contact : Ricardo******   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 28 Mar 2012

Dear Sirs,

We are looking for manufacturers, only manufacturers of sodium cyanide 99% min. Briquettes, pillow shape form. Monthly imports will ber of 180MT. Destination port will be Beira-South Africa.

We ned FOB Origin Port/CIFC3% Beira Port. Please send complete specs, a fresh copy of your COA and a copy of your certificate of manufacturing authorization.


Contact : Sergio*****   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 21 Mar 2012

Dear Sir,

We are interested in buying soybean and sunflower oil. Need soybean non gmo 700,000 MT X 12 and refined sunflower oil 150,000 MT per month.

Suppliers who can supply us the required quantity can contact us further.

Contact : Zlatko*******   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 20 Mar 2012

Dear Suppliers,

We wish to contact suppliers of banana cavendish. The specifications are as follows:

Parameter 18.14 Kg
Fruit 9/10/11 Weeks
Hand calibration : 39-40
Finger length (inches) : min. Of 7.6 inches
Fingers/ cluster: min. Of 5 fingers max 7 fingers
Wt. Cluster (kgs): 1.1-1.5 kgs
Put in W. Box . 18.14 kgs
Labels / cluster: 2 pcs
Packing : Pattern Line Pack
Minimum leaves at harvest 5 leaves.

We need the quantity about of 25,000 boxes a month. The request may arrive at 150/2,00,000 boxes a month.

We need to know the CIF Tripoli/Lybia prices and transport time.

Contact : Zlatko V******   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 20 Mar 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am interested in purchasing the following products:

Animal feed corn
Quantity: 60,000 MT per month
Price CIF Dubai ?

Animal feed soybeans
Quantity: 50,000 MT per month
Price CIF Dubai ?

If suppliers supply us please contact us along with the necessary details.

Contact : Zlatko V******   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 20 Mar 2012

Dear Sir,

We need to buy treadmills. We are interested to contact suppliers from China or Turkey. Interested parties please let us know your offers with catalogue and prices.


Contact : S****   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 14 Mar 2012

Dear Sirs,

We are a Brazilian import and export company located in the North of Brazil and we are looking for pen drives supplier and SD Cards as well.

We are sending herewith our list with specifications and if it is what you manufacture I would like that you reply to me with your price per item and with photos of it. Please HS Codes are necessary as well.

Awaiting for your prompt reply.

Best regards

Contact : Osmar*******   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 12 Mar 2012


We need to buy 200 pieces LP145WH1-TLA1 or compatible from Korea. My warehouse is in Hong Kong. The goods must be delivered in HK, in my warehouse.

I can pay by bank transfer.


Contact : Ricardo******   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 07 Mar 2012

Dear Sir,

We would like to know the prices of some products. Here we have the manufacture of scaffolding and equipment for the industrial building.

We have to know if some products are imported by China is cheaper than our production here.

Starting by the products that we need:

Complete Scaffolding Layer type 1 1/2"
Rosette; terminals to scarffolding Layer Type
Base Jacks 500 hollow, to scarffolding Layer Type
The quantity I have no number for the moment
Port of delivery is in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Usually by LC
Want China suppliers


Contact : A******   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 07 Mar 2012

Dear Suppliers,

I am from Brazil and I work in the surf business here in Brazil. The SUP (stand up paddle) has been growing very fast here and I am interested in import some inflatable SUP, as it is very hard to find this kind of SUP here and they are very expensive.

Suppliers who supply or export this send the following details:

1- How many different models of inflatable SUPs do you have?
2- What are the best prices of each one of the inflatable SUPs FOB (free on board)?
3- What would be the minimum order quantity?
4- Before buying from you I would like to see the product. Can I have a sample of an inflatable SUP that you manufacture? How much this is going to cost me?

I would appreciate very much if supplier could send me by email some further information about their inflatable SUPs as well as some photos and specifications.

Thank you very much in advance.

Contact : Frederico Galesi H********   (Importer from Brazil)

Buy offer Posted on: 06 Mar 2012

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